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Turquoise Gems

A Brief History

Gemology, the study of gemstones, has a rich history spanning thousands of years. Ancient civilizations valued gems for their beauty and symbolism, leading to the development of gem identification techniques and the science of gemology.

Gemology History

Gemology has a captivating history that spans millennia. Since ancient times, gemstones have held immense cultural, spiritual, and aesthetic value. Early civilizations cherished these precious gems, attributing mystical properties to them. As time progressed, the demand for accurate identification and assessment of gemstones grew. This led to the development of gemological techniques and the establishment of gemological laboratories. Pioneers like Georgius Agricola and Jean-Baptiste Tavernier made significant contributions, laying the foundation for gemology as a scientific discipline. Today, gemologists utilize advanced tools and knowledge to analyse gemstones, assess their quality, identify treatments, and provide invaluable expertise to gemstone suppliers and enthusiasts worldwide.




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