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Topaz is a durable gemstone with a high hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale. It showcases an array of appealing colors, including orange-brown, pink, and blue. As one of the birthstones for November, topaz holds special significance. In traditional beliefs, it was thought that keeping topaz in the home would emit positive energy, promoting good health for the inhabitants..

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Topaz Story

Topaz is known to form incredibly stunning crystals, often reaching large sizes. Some extraordinary gems, weighing thousands of carats, have been expertly cut from topaz. Notably, early discoveries in Russia and Brazil unveiled captivating sherry-brown crystals, which were later referred to as "Imperial Topaz." While some of these crystals could be heated to acquire a vibrant pink colour, natural pink gem materials of high value were also uncovered. The market is abundant with blue topaz, which is achieved through irradiation treatment, as well as colourless topaz that is coated to create coloured or iridescent stones.

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